Carpaccio Classic 100g               165,-
beef carpaccio, olive oil, parmesan, rocket 
Carpaccio ORIGINALE 100g 165,-

-beef carpaccio, our homemade mayo, pecorino

HOT Carpaccio  100g 165,-

beef carpaccio, chili mayo, jalapenos, parmesan

Pepper Carpaccio 150g 149,-

-grilled pepper, olive oil, pecorino




- variation beef & cheese tartar, fried bread, garlic toast, garlic 
Beef tartar 120g175,-

-flavored by us, quails egg, fried bread, garlic


Cheese tartar


three types of cheeses, mayo, hot pepper, toast

Aubergine tartar 150g   155,-

-aubergine, pepper, feta cheese, herb toast



Garlic soup with baked bacon 30g                65,-
-baked bacon, potatoes,, roasted bread croutons 
“KULAJDA”  85,- 

-traditional Czech soup with dill, egg, potatoes and cream


Carbonara 50g 195,-

-pancetta, yolks, pecorino

Aglio Olio e Peperoncino185,-

-olive oil, garlic, hot pepper, parmesan

Con broccoli e pollo 100g                     205,-

-chicken breast, broccoli, cream



Caesar salad  with chicken breast100g205,-

-  chicken breast, romanian lettuce, pancetta,  parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing




- romanian lettuce, parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing

Greek salad with feta cheese 100g     175,-

-tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, black olives, olive oil, feta cheese, french dressing


Mixed Salad      


-tomato, cucumber, pepper, rad orion, french dressing

Coleslaw 85,-
-white cabbage, carrot, onion, may 

czech cousine

Pork knuckle 1ks approx. 900g                       335,-

-pork knuckle, mustard, horseradish, goat horn peppers, bread

Beef meat in cream sauce 220g225,-

-beef tip, bread dumpling, cranberries

Pork schnitzel 250g         255,--

-pork tenderloin fried in breadcrumbs, our potato salad, lemon

Baked duck ¼ approx. 450g / ½ approx. 900g 235,-/315,-

-red cabbage, bread dumpling


Beef Goulashin Bread/ with Dumplings 220g

 -beef snap, bread loaf/ bread dumplings, orion 
Fried cheese 200g  215,-

-gouda cheese, mashed potatoes, homemade tartar sauce



DOUBLE DECKER 400g  395,-

-Aged beef meat 2x, cheddar, gouda, BBQ bacon, mayo, romanian lettuce, fried onion, pickles / cucumber, french fries, coleslaw

CHORIZO 200g      265,-

- Aged beef meat, bacon, chorizo, BBQ, chili mayo, romanian lettuce, picles/cucumber, fried onion, french fries, coleslaw

HOME MADE Cheese  200g 255,-

- Aged beef meat, cheddar, gouda, bacon, may, fried onion, pickles / cucumber, romanian lettuce, french fries, coleslaw

grilled cheese, BBQ, mayo, romaine lettuce, cucumber, fried orion, french fries, coleslaw 

us cousine

HONEY & NUTS Chicken Wings  12ks approx. 550g        215,- 

-chicken wings in honey-nuts crust, BBQ sauce, french fries

Chicken Wings LOUISIANA  12ks approx. 550g    215,- 

-chicken wings in spicy marinade, chili mayo, french fries

Chilli con Carne  200g 235,- 

-beef minced meat, beans, tomatoes, corn, eggs, nachos

Beef Chilli con Carne  200g 295,-

beef sirloin, red beans, tomatoes, porn, eggs, nachos

BBQ Pork Ribs approx. 750g275,-

-pork ribs, BBQ souce, french fries, coleslaw

Cheese  Pork Ribs  cca 750g285,-
- pork ribs, cheddar, cheese sauce, french fries, Coleslaw 


Steak TOMAHAWK  1.200g  995,-

-original dry aged beef steak with long bone, 1,2 kg, prepared on grill, BBQ sauce, chili mayo, grilled vegetable, sweet potato fries


Tagliata alla Fiorentina


beef sirloin, parmesan, rocket, olive oil

Beef Skewer475,-

-beef sirloin, bacon, onion, grilled vegetable

“HULI HULI”  Chicken skewer 200g   235,-

-chicken breast, Hawaii marinade, butter broccoli

 Pork tenderloin in pancetta 250g      265,-

-pork tenderloin, pancetta, grilled vegetable


Beer snacks

Halloumi 200g      165,-

-grilled halloumi cheese, chili mayo

Crispy chicken mini strips 200g 155,-

-little pieces of chicken, wasabi mayo

Sausage from our butcher 3ks approx. 150g 125,-

-soft lean sausages, mustard, horseradish

Onion rings 150g              145,- 

-onion, parmesan, wasabi mayo

Pickled spicy camembert 1ks approx. 120g 125,- 

- goat horn peppers, hot pepper, onion, garlic

Traditional pickled sausage 1ks approx. 100g      115,- 

-goat horn peppers, onion, vinegar




-chocolate cake, pecan nuts, salted caramel

LIME CHEESECAKE            125,-

-butter biscuit, soft mascarpone, lime juice

APEROL Sorbet95,- 

-lemon sorbet, Aperol, Prosecco  

TRADITIONAL STRUDEL             135,- 

-walnuts, apples, cinnamon, vanilla sauce


-vanilla ice cream, egg nog

Brittle ball  95,-

-salted caramel ice cream, brittle


+ extra whipped team


children´s menu

Fried cheese,   100g      135,-
mashed potatoes, tartar sauce 

Small pork schnitzel


pork tenderloin, potato salat, lemon


Spaghetti with ketchup and cheese


side dishes

Sweet potato fries


French fries            55,-
Grilled vegetable 95,-
Garlic baguett85,-
Mashed potatoes  85,-
Homemade potato salad  75,-
Bread dumpling65,-


Our homemade mayo     55,-
Tartar sauce 55,-
Chili mayo              55,-
Wasabi mayo 55,-

Cheese sauce